Horrified - Descent Into Putridity

Evil presents itself to us in various guises, as you know... This time it was disguised to us as Horrified (death metal - evil). These "unholy of hell" clung to my brain from the first song by means of acrid sound.

In their information they identified themselves as "old school". But at my guess, the definition of style depends largely on the filing and presenting musical material. It seems to me if there was made other sounding of guitars and vocals (low guttural, for example) it could well be a brutal death metal album...

If we talk about the sound of this album which the band decided to do and put into their music, then perhaps we could agree that vocals combined with riffs are sometimes evokes associations with some themes of early Obituary, Death, Suffocation...

As for the style of old-school: stylization is really present here. We can find similarities with many death metal bands of early 90's, but personally, I have not discovered the specific imitations of anyone. However, I would draw your attention to a small musical quote. So, the song "Tomb Of Rebirth" begins with the classic old school riffs, further guitars play Quint: similar technique was often used, for example, by Death.

If we talk about the musical compositions separately, I would single out 'Repugnant Degeneration', where there are catchy perky "tyupatyupa" and blast beats. 'Tomb Of Rebirth' also caught me. It immediately begins with interesting riffs, moving further into the death metal gallop. To this list can be added quite vigorous 'Narcolepsy'.

In general, the album attracts the attention from the first song, which is, in my opinion, non-standard: it stands slightly apart from the other songs 'Descent Into Putridity'. 'Buried Among Putrified Flesh' is not as speedy as the rest of the album's songs. This song immediately after accession plunges us into a sinister atmosphere with slow powerful riffs, breaks on drums and guitar harmonics (flageolet), alternating triplet refrains and unhurried guitar ches.

About the Horrified musicians you can also say that they are very technical and well played with each other. There are speed solos in their songs (in the style of those time groups), but, as already mentioned, some analogies lead difficult: only the transfer of mood.

So, to sum it up: Horrified band is distinctive and catchy. It will be interesting for me to hear more.

  1. Tomb Of Rebirth
  2. Narcolepsy
  3. Mortally Deceased
  4. Descent Into Putridity
  5. Buried Among Putrified Flesh
  6. Veil Of Souls
  7. Repugnant Degeneration