Hrimthurs - War Of The Ages

Hrimthurs (figure from Lord Of The Rings) is an oneman band that can be catagorized in black metal. This album is self financed and looking very professional. The album has 2 discs! One with long instrumental songs and one with shorties. Using a drummmachine with a thin sound and could be more bombastic. Guitars are riffing an electric wall of sound and keys are used in the background for support. The instrumental containing lots of ideas and jump from one into the other. Difficult to listen to becaue you get lost in the songstructure.
The shorts songs have hellish vocals and folow the same path. Hrimthurs has some good ideas in the songs and this production will be liked by uncompromised heathen followers with no respect to trends.

Chapter 1 - The Immortal Vehement Winter
1. A New Pagan Age
2. Sanguinary Life Code
3. Empty Thrones Of Salvaged Embattlement
4. Infernal Heathen Warfare
5. The Immortal Vehement Winter

Chapter 2 - War Of The Ages
1. The Black Dawn Approaches
2. ...Times Where Ancient Darkness Once Stood Mighty-Forgotten
3. A Universe In Eternal Requiem
4. Celestial Pathways To A Greater Hatred
5. War Of The Ages And The End Of All Things

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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