Hudič - Ne Ergo Dimittas

Hudič is a Belgian melodic black/death metal band and "Ne Ergo Dimittas" is their debut EP. Hudič is Slovenian for "The devil".

The intro of the EP is of epic/soundtrack aesthetics with repetitive themes on the synths to set the mood right for what's to come. The final piano notes of the intro glue it with the opening track 'Dante'. Pre-recorded voices that sound as if from a movie film are heard and then a clean guitar theme breaks in bringing to mind Katatonia, (mid period) Anathema and (later) Paradise Lost. Deep growls are laid over clean open guitar chords. The double bass serves really well behind the amp-driven guitar and bass overtones. In the middle of the song the tension gets bigger reaching out to thrash/black standards just before the bass/synth/clean guitar combination gets the song back to atmospheric again. The vocals vary changing from the typical growls to deathcore and post metal. It seems like the band except from atmospheric death/black is also into Progressive/Post-Hardcore bands like Godflesh and Post-Black bands like Harakiri for the Sky without them being dominant in their sound.

'Fall Of The Morning Star' groovy riffs owe a lot to Machine Head and are more than enough to move your neck. There is a deathcore feeling throughout the song. The bass is dominant. The whispering vocals changing to screams are fabulous. As I Lay Dying is a band that came to my mind with this song, but in a more underground/black metal version.
The same title song 'Ne Ergo Dimittas' (Latin for 'Do not let') sets off with another groovy riff with breaks. The snare dances along with the bass to a nice rhythm section and the growling vocals hit in. 'Ne Ergo Dimittas' is their more death metal song in the EP. Growls give way to high screams and a sense of loss and despair is widely spread from the speakers. The bass fills are weird, but meaningful showing how the band's sound is connected with bands like Slipknot and Korn, revealing the influence these bands had on their next generations.

'Collapsing Whispers' melodic guitar intro takes me again to Katatonia and Anathema of the mid period. The faster riff is black metal oriented and the growls remind me of On Thorns I Lay and their debut album "Sounds of Beautiful Experience".
Hudič independently released their "Ne Ergo Dimittas" EP in digipak CD format. The cover artwork of the CD is beautiful and aesthetically leads me again to Katatonia. Try listen to Hudič and their music and support them! They did a very nice job with their debut release!


1. Intro
2. Dante
3. Fall Of The Morning Star
4. Ne Ergo Dimittas
5. Collapsing Whispers

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Oct 17, 2019

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