Human Bloodfeast - She Cums Gutted

Ahhh, another band from a place that I still think of as home. Human Bloodfeast are from Regensburg Bavaria Germany (I lived in Wurzburg ). "She Cums Gutted" is...... well that title alone should tell what kind of music this is. It sure as shit isnt Las Vegas Showroom. Still want a discription... okokok. Human Bloodfeast is a sick, vestering swill of midpaced drums heavy blood chunk guitars and bass, sick vokills. This is sick fucking music for sick fucking people. Thats probably why I like it!! SHE CUMS GUTTED!!!! I Love It... I wanna meet that woman. Cum on and get ya some.

1. Schizophrenic Butchering
2. Full Complete Autopsy
3. Body Dismorphic Disorder
4. Perverse Lust
5. Disembodied
6. She Cums Gutted
7. Dead Body Sodomy
8. My Flesh Consumed
9. Bath of Bugs
10. Totally Deranged

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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