Human Butchery - Psychopath Abduction

Intending to listen to the guys from the Human Butchery, I expected a little bit else. Usually Mexican groups give priority to brutality: after listening to the album "Psychopath Abduction", I was not disappointed. Yes, they are bloody butchers, don't let us down with brutality. Nevertheless, the band pleasantly pleased me: along with the brutality, there are death melodica and guitar solos. If we talk about the impact, this music somewhat reminds me personally of the first albums of Deicide and old Cannibal Corps - in part of mood and solos.

The very first 'Intro' introduces us immediately into a bloody atmosphere of the album "Psychopath Abduction": someone sawing a poor woman by chainsaw or something else. By the way, however, the boys are pretty technical and musical.

It is possible to find some influences from old metal bands, which have already become classics. In person I am unsure, but I heard a riff which reminiscent me by its dotted pattern such group as Led Zeppelin, etc.

This album will appeal to fans of brutal death metal, death core, death grind, and also to connoisseurs of more sophisticated brutal music, who respect not only the extreme metal (at the limit), guggle and grunting, but competently done catchy riffs, guitar solos and stuff. After all this is a Human Butchery.

About the sound is possible to argue: someone will like it, some do not. Drums are made so that their metallic sound evokes associations of clanging blades. Good audible bass guitar: it sounds quite hard.

In general, the musicians have well tried, and I would single out the album among Mexican (and other) brutal music.

So listen and enjoy!

  1. Intro
  2. Slaughter
  3. 100 Nails In Your Face
  4. The Murderer Muse
  5. Necrophilia
  6. Psychotic Abduction
  7. Blood Rivers
  8. Necro-Cannibalism
  9. Brutal Destination