Human Debris - Wrought From Anguish

German melodic death metal may not strike too much of an ignition of joy from the majority of readers by nature that this scene has been played to death ever since the mid to late nineties, however, with fresh eyes come Human Debris, a four piece from Northern Germany that have not released anything for nearly ten years.

‘Radiation Damage’ has a real harsh vocal, but has great crafted guitar melodies leading to a promising release. There are a few tried and tested sections of the overall arrangement, a few expected drum patterns, but that’s still not worth complaining about, the music is very playable and is certainly executed with deft precision. The recording itself has a nice balance, you hear all the instruments, although myself I am never a fan of sound bites/pre-recordings, but for this it enables to story of the track to evolve. The track that stands out is ‘Atheist Jihad’; initially simply by the track title, but the music itself and when the track kicks into life, you will get another responsive reaction. By this I mean the high quality of the arrangement and the delivery is perfect, with a really strong production.

The melodies are the key factor to this CD, this band may sound like Dark Tranquility or other melodic death metal masters, but that’s a positive comment not a derogatory one. ‘Wrought From Anguish’ is a strong release, I just hope its strong enough to compete in this market, it should be, but then you have to go out and buy this release and give bands with talent like this a chance.

  1. Breaking News
  2. Radiation Damage
  3. Crimson Tears
  4. Downpour
  5. Ruinous Redemption
  6. A Good Man
  7. Atheist Jihad
  8. On the Wing

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 9, 2014

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