Human Embroidery - Submissive Servants

Human Embroidery are three Basques are responsible for this mini CD "Submissive Servants" here. The Spaniards are active since 2019 and in 2020 they managed to release two singles (two tracks you can find here too) and this mini CD/EP whatever you wanna call it. Fresh band in the scene so let's see what we're dealing with here.

Their base is grindcore but you'll find many solid death metal interleaves here and there. Hearing starts and after a purely death metal intro track, we move on to a really splendid grindcore ravagery that brings everything that defines the genre with it! Razor sharp power chords, rabid drumming, dual vocals, as in, growls and shrieks that work together excellent and a duration of 1:45 to verify its grind character even more!

Third track underway and this is I believe the one to have everything their sound consists of. Arnie as an intro (the "Fuck you ashole" line), an exquisite grind based track with a generous amount of brutal death metal riffing here and there and the vocals as mentioned above. Gunshots for an outro and moving on. All their tracks follow the same pattern more or less. They manage to maintain a character though in each song avoiding the trap of repeating the same riffs over and over again. The death metal interleaves help a lot to that. Hell, they even used ultra-low gutturals and a somewhat slam part on Revenge Party!

Ten tracks in under 20 minutes, making it easy to listen to, over and over again. Great flow to the album and the sample geeks will have one more reason to be happy as the boys here tend to use samples as intros to their songs a lot. The production on "Submissive Servants" is helping a lot in boosting their aggression. Fat loud and dirty as it should be in such genres. Rough but on the same time clear enough so one can listen to everything that's going on in this one. Every instrument has its own special place in the final mix and they all work together forming a cohesive wall of sound.

Summing up I have to say that what we're dealing here is a mini CD of well-executed grindcore. Fast and relentless. Short in length and direct. Human Embroidery nailed it. How better could it get?

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Laked Peit In The Fulitu
2. In Decadent Moments
3. A.F.A.B.
4. Human Ineptitude
5. Bukkake Of Cash
6. Borders
7. Wave Of Terror
8. Revenge Party
9. Humbacks By Technology
10. Calculated Genocide