Human Improvement Process – Deafening Dissonant Millennium

They hail from Italy and are considered ‘experimental death metal’ with some screaming, wicked guitar riffs and brutal drums. ‘Deafening Dissonant Millennium’ was released on September 10, 2013 and encompasses many types of metal other than ‘death.’ At times it is melodic, which is a nice break between the utter neck breaking heaviness this album delivers.

One can only assume a genre of ‘experimental death metal’ leaves a wide open door for many types of music to be thrown through; where they end up is where they end up. Putting the word experimental in there seems to be a cop-out in ‘we’re not sure what the hell kind of music we play.’

‘Jenova’ opens the album with a minute long creepfest of echoic sounds and shadowy background. With a hollow, mysterious resonance to it, this intro peaks interest for the rest of the album. Albums that begin in this nature are interesting in that they demonstrate the band’s artistic prowess from the beginning.

The title track comes in at Track Two, with alarming beauty enveloped in torment. Many bands today (Pierce The Veil; August Burns Red; Asking Alexandria ) have this ‘screamo’ ‘deathcore’ thing going on and Human Improvement Process is right there with them. These days, screaming, growling and singing encompassed in one song is common although not always pleasing.

However, this album is good, solid and kind of fun because it is all over the place with the variant types of vocals especially. A few of the songs start out in such a gloomy, enigmatic way, morph into an angry rage followed by a peacefulness – much like the three stages of grief.

If this is what Human Improvement Process was aiming for it is downright brilliant and if not, well, it is still damn sweet.

1. Jenova
2. Deafening Dissonant Millennium
3. Erase
4. Empty Eyes
5. Our Last Pieces Of Sanity
6. Artificial Savior
7. Materioscura
8. Architecture Of A Dying Sun
9. The Process
10. Ethereal
11. The Deepest Oblivion