Human Infection - Curvatures In Time

3 years have passed since those breakers from Virginia released their first full length. It was an awesome intro to their world through brutality this first one of theirs, and now it is time to hear the second. With the greatest expectations, I push the play button, and after a short intro I come to face a storm unmatched! There must be something with the water there in America. I can't explain differently the raw brutality most American releases reek!

Once this one starts, there's this early 90s Malevolent Creation aura that sweeps you of your feet instantly! Blasting like hell and making sure everything is kept raw and rough! Another band that will not sacrifice its brutality In the name of progress! "Curvatures In Time" is a true death metal dynamite. From the awesome guitar riffs, to the even more awesome blasting! The vocals are the typical growling vocals each death metal band that respects its self should have, and the bass is fat and heavy as a bulldozer! But the thing that makes all the above look even more threatening to the ear of a mainstreamer, is the production itself. Rough and dirty as all productions of this kind should be! Even the drums are mixed mainly with their natural sound, giving the whole outcome the proper aggressiveness! 10 songs (intro included), in a total length of 2:50 with 3 minutes each, makes us an album of 30 minutes. 30 minutes of pure and relentless brutality unleashed upon us with no regret.

The quartet from Virginia surely knows how to create uncompromising brutality, straight to your face in the most vulgar way! From the awesome beginning of 'Celestial' (1st song after the intro) till the last song which is the title song, you will find yourself trapped in a swirl of pure death metal, unable to escape! Time has doesn't matter there, and trust me it will be the least of your worries! The way the songs are constructed, leaves no space for outer thoughts when listening. It sucks your brain dry I'm tellin ya! The cover artwork is also awesome and makes the whole package really tempting! 30 minutes of sheer brutality lads. Great album and what better way to succeed an awesome first full length, than this of an even more awesome second?

  1. Intro
  2. Celestial
  3. Devastation
  4. Ex-Nihilo
  5. Decay Inheritance
  6. In Vain
  7. Sacrificial Skies
  8. Impending Purification
  9. Lesser Being
  10. Curvatures In Time