Hymen Holocaust - Kissed By The Dead...Touched By The Deformed

In case you are familiar with the humorous Dutch goregrinders Cliteater then most probably you know also Hymen Holocaust (and I'm not talking about the US punk band of the same name). This is a project of Cliteater's original drummer Maurice van den Brock who plays and growls everything by himself.

I must admit I haven't listened to HH's previous releases but what this record presents are twelve tracks of simple and heavy downtuned guitar riffs combined with gurgling vocals. Mortician seems to be one of the main influences in Maurice's music though there is one big difference - you won't hear any blastbeats on "Kissed By The Dead...". Everything else is made by the goregrind book - weird intros dealing with cute subjects like necrophilia,naughty titles like 'No Milf Today' (pretty sad day in my opinion), 'Steak&Blowjob Day' (and this is a great day in my book) or 'Beaver Basher' and all this performed with a crushing and bashing goregrind sound.

splatter zombie recsOne big plus is the decent sound of the drums which is a relief for the years of someone heard so many atrociously sounding drum computers in this genre. It's useless to point out any particular song - you will either like the whole album or you will never listen to it again. Since I'm from the first group I will definitely search for more of this band and if you are into goregrind stuff then look out for Hymen Holocaust too.

  1. Man Of Your Dreams
  2. Jealous Of A Plastic Phallous
  3. No Milf Today
  4. Steak & Blowjob Day
  5. Guilty Pleasures
  6. Finger Likin' Goods
  7. King Virgo
  8. Beaver Basher
  9. Kissed By The Dead...thouched By The Deformed
  10. Sweet Sixteen
  11. Vulva Larvae
  12. Cock Rubbin'