Hyperborea - Cryogenic Somnia

The Bulgarian part of my blood was very excited to receive Hyperborea's Cryogenic Somnia for a review. I rarely come across any Bulgarian bands, especially those that label themselves as death metal. So my expectations were pretty high and I was willing to be very positive about a band from my historical homeland. But who would have though that the asshole side of me would take over right after the first spin through this record, which to note was very hard to accomplish without switching to something else.

Now, you probably have an impression that this record is horrible and unbearable. But in fact it's OK. These guys sure know how to play their instruments and the overall impression is quite positive if you aren't a picky listener. The main problem is the music itself. Although, these guys from Sofia label their music as death metal, the impression I got from their tunes was more of heavy/thrash metal that leans to the heavier side of the musical spectrum. You know, the way death metal sounded back in the late 1980's. With all the typical riffs and rhythms from that era. And having such a brew on an album released in 2007... It seems that Hyperborea simply play for own fun and don't give a damn about any trends and development the heavy music has seen for the last two decades.

I honestly would love to be positive about this album and this band. It's clear that they've invested a lot of effort into this record. But I can't really think about recommending Cryogenic Somnia to anyone, even a die-hard death metal fan since there are tons of much better and more original bands out there. The only people that will be interested in this record are CD-fanatics who have their own collections of “exotic” and “unknown” bands regardless of how good or bad the music is. And that's a pity, really....

1 Beyond Reclaim
2 Children Of The Crisis
3 Cryogenic Somnia
4 Inside Your Pain
5 Fanatic Devotion
6 White Noise
7 Soul Consumer
8 Point Of No Return
9 Hyperborea
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 18, 2011

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