Hysteria - Flesh, Humiliation And Irreligious Deviance

Nothing fills me with more adrenalin than seeing the words “Brutal Death Metal” so being sent this CD made me smile somewhat! The opening track ‘In Belief, into nothingness’ offers an ambling ‘into nothingness’ but within its stride comes a fierce integral metal slither that pricks the skin. ‘Sadistic Deviance’ really gets down to business and hosts a tormenting range of rhythms that impale themselves on the ears. The guttural howl has slaughtering tendencies and rewards the listener with a fierce incitement, and the blast beats are literally engulfing! ‘Visceral Torment’ does exactly what it says on the label and the bottom line being nagging riffs and challenging dramatic vehemence! ‘Heiress of Disease’ boasts a very serious drum beat and imposing damnation that surrounds and swamps the audial cavities with a vengeful spirit that smoulders amid metal chaos. ‘O Father…’ its exploits are seriously intense as a voice booms out ‘O Father’ it seems as if he has been forsaken! The rather emotionally charged track is very powerful in offering a seething rhythm that is bold and inspiring. ‘Succubus Offering’ the captivation of this track reaches its peak very quickly by gnawing riffs and technical prowess. It strikes with devilish ferocity and oozes a raw intensity, by quickly starting its rampaging exploits! ‘The Unhealthy signature: Haunted by words of Gods Part II’ the grooves cut deep on this one as it goes out on a limb to inject with rabid infectiousness. Again it is a serious and immense track that is slow paced although the blast beats would say otherwise. ‘Heresie’ plunges the listener into a dark world of sinister imagination, with terrifying voices and strange sounds that emanate through a dull thud of sparse beats, offering haunting choir of voices - It is without a doubt the most intense and very diverse track indeed. ‘Demons from the Past’ kicks up the pace somewhat as it languishes in a torrential frenzy of riffs that cascade through bludgeoning, pounding beats at a rate of knots. One could even say it is recognisable bedlam and still hit the nail on the head. ‘Flesh Messiah’ gives out some really deep channelling grooves that bite with severe ferocity. The beats hit all time lunacy for rhythmic madness. Gruff vocal scourges are demonic and surpass with threatening imagination. ‘Blasphemous Writings (Final Part)’ the imposing rhythms are thick and wholesome, backed by an even tempered riff and hardy bass lick. Its emotion runs deep and even offers, (apart from technical dexterity) a melodic core and a clean vocal – so ‘Hysteria’ are going all out on this album with a bang!

This is a very intense album that offers some serious rhythms and technical endeavour, spiced with melodic slices and gutturally immense vocals which will affect the emotions and senses as it embeds itself under the skin. You can feel your body tense as the tracks unfold and vents their anger.
It definitely gives you a work-out of sorts! Even the slower paced tracks offer so much reward, reinforcing their nagging riffs and immense beats – it is one hell of an album!!
For me Heresie and Blasphemous Writings are two of the best tracks for diversity and melodic encounters.  The rest of the album offers its own rewards and gives brutal a new and uncompromising meaning!

  1. In Belief, Into Nothingness…
  2. Sadistic Deviance
  3. Visceral Torments
  4. Heiress Of Disease
  5. O Father…
  6. Succubus Offering
  7. The Unhealthy Signature: Haunted By Words Of Gods Part II
  8. Heresie
  9. Demons From The Past
  10. Flesh Messiah
  11. Blasphemous Writings (Final Part)