I Killed Everyone - Necrospire

From Addison, Illinois, I Killed Everyone was born. Having already been a massive fan of their previous album release of 'Dead Peasants', it was only a matter of time before the band were due to annihilate again with 'Necrospire'; An album soon to be a death metal essential. With a vocalist change between albums, new singer Tim O'Brien contributes to more variety than the vocalist before him. Sticking to the growling, Whitechapel-like roaring, with the occasional high pitched scream.  I Killed Everyone do fail to progress into new territories, which is something I personally would of loved to see from Necrospire.

Instrumentally the album is bliss, perfected with a brilliant top-notch production where each riff is identified more unique than on the previous album.  Starting track 'A Sanguinary Mass' boasts of death metal confidence, forging menacing breakdowns with thundering riffs and machine gun like drums.  It'd take a fair few listens for each track to begin to sound somewhat memorable, but despite this the outstanding production and instrumental talent that pours out from every song really spices up the bonuses for the album's positive side.

'Necrospire' is really consistent in terms of keeping up to date with modern styles, especially among the death metal and deathcore genres . There's always something special about bands that prove themselves worthy in a scene full of copycat bands, and in this stage I Killed Everyone definitely deserve some form of congratulations, they've really come out of their shell on this release and nothing but praise will be returned.

'The Devourer Beyond's eerie introduction of crazy vocals followed by a melodic breakdown is just an inch of what Necrospire's pure hatred sound is glowing with. My only concern for the album is that the band need a little more edge to gain some recognition that they deserve. The kings of modern death metal have a fearsome opponent climbing the ranks below, but only future releases will tell whether I Killed Everyone are truly capable of reaching their desired trophys amongst artists such as The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, and many more.

  1. A Sanguinary Mass
  2. Grimoire I - Evicerated
  3. The Devourer Beyond
  4. Necrospire
  5. Born Of The Abattoir
  6. State Of Filth
  7. Crucified And Consumed
  8. Antipathy
  9. Grimoire II - One With The Void
  10. The Human Error