I Shit On Your Face - Anal Barbecue

Also in Brazil there's many perverts and some of them started a band "I Shit On Your Face". This is their first full length CD after a demo and some splits and this disc contains 23 songs throwing brown sounds in your ears. Varying from filthy death metal, grindcore attacks and (hoompa) goregrind. Drums are blasting, but also change tempo into moshriffs and double bassparts. The bassguitar sound is very present and distorted which gives great massive sound. Guitarrrifs show enough variation and inspiration. Vocals change between ultra-low grunts and sickening pigscreams (although not as sick as on their demo). For all sick cunts into a variation of demented and perverted styles of farting!

1. Beer, pussy and weed (with a pinch of gore)... that's what we need
2. Impassable seas of manure
3. From fetus.. to feces
4. Mutilate to masturbate
5. Brown puke (the tale of an obstructed large intestine)
6. Fibrilating farts
7. F.F.F. (fucking female freaks)
8. My fetisch stinks
9. Satanic staphylococcus
10. The diarrhea convictions
11. Anal barbecue
12. Colostomy coitus
13. Cattlecum
14. Enema (another tale of an obstructed large intestine)
15. Crispy crotches crescendo
16. Clitsaw-buttdrill
17. Cooking clotted cum covered cunts
18. Sex shop agoraphobia
19. Brutalized by belzebuth
20. Cripple cadave consumption
21. I shit on your face
22. Eternal erection
23. Cannabis cunt

Proud To Be Loud
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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