I Will Kill You - Extrema Putrefactio

I Will Kill You you are a relatively new band forming in 2010, releasing an EP in 2011 and now unleashing their debut full length. The band do a modern technical take on death metal but have little hints of other influences thrown in for good measure. Opening track 'Fragmented Abnegations' for example has a black metal feel to the guitars and vocals and mixes in acoustic interludes. It's actually a cracking track! There is even whispers of deathcore here and there but I won't hold it against them too much! The album stays interesting throughout. Think of Aborted and the way they mix the old styles of death metal and throw in other styles such as grind or whatever, the key thing is that both bands do pull it off.

The two criticism's I have, firstly the band choose to stick bang in the middle of the album a cover of Dismember's 'Casket Garden'. I think cover's should remain at the end of an album or as a bonus track, to throw it in the middle and make it part of the album throw's the album off and is cheating a little, it would be different if they hadn't covered a death metal song. However to the bands credit it is a great cover. Also the album is heavily padded out. Out of the 11 tracks here 3 are interludes and 2 are instrumentals, the first being an acoustic track entitled 'Die' which is very good the second being another acoustic track followed by a sample of an opera and then a load of static then silence. When you take away the Dismember cover you only have 5 actual songs.

This however is saved by the fact that the 5 songs are of very high quality. With tracks like 'Apoligies Of A Vain Man' with it's hook ridden brutality and the title track the band prove they have what it takes and are a force to be reckoned with. We'd just like a bit more getting down to business next time around!

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1. Fragmented Abnegations
2. Prelimenary Autopsy Report
3. Ante Mortem
4. Apologies Of A Vain Man
5. Extrema Putrefactio
6. Agony
7. Casket Garden (cover Dismember)
8. Die
9. Everything Was Full Of Blood
10. Nwolc
11. Outro

Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 9, 2014

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