Ibridoma - Goodbye Nation

Active since 2001 this Italian Heavy/Power Metal has a few releases under their belt but this is the first one I have encountered. On first impressions, the overall stance of the music is quite good, its EU heavy/power metal played rather well. The downside to this release is the vocals on all but one of the tracks (the non-English track ‘Arcobaleno’). Christian Bartolacci is singing through his nose, the vocals are very nasally and grind on you after a while. Whilst there are influences and style similarities to Primal Fear’s Ralf Scheepers (who also lends quest vocals to the track ‘My Dying Queen’), but it comes across something like Placebo’s Brian Molko for a real curveball or even the US Alternative band Incubus’ singer Brandon Boyd, these are the most prominent nasal singers I can think of at this time and certainly not that metal for which this release clearly is in places. Whilst the release starts out promising with ‘City of Madness’, the release changes character and quickly degenerates into tracks like ‘Dreams of the Dream’, semi ballad style that verges into mainstream rock music, it’s very tame and this is where vocally it gets really rather annoying, concentration and lacking the punch of some of the other songs mentioned later hampers a full metal experience.

So if you take the positives out of this release, then you need to look to tracks like ‘You Are A Liar’ and ‘Land of Illusion’ which is a rousing metal number full of character as are the riffs to ‘My Dying Queen’. This is unfortunately the summary of this release. Whilst the music is palatable, rather strong and clearly well thought out, the vocals ruin the experience unfortunately possibly not helped by recording them in different studios to the rest of the music.

  1. City Of Madness  
  2. Land Of Illusion  
  3. Goodbye Nation  
  4. Anja  
  5. Dreams Of The Dream
  6. My Dying Queen 
  7. Arcobaleno 
  8. My Star 
  9. You Are A Liar