Ibridoma - Page 26

Page 26 is a brief demo from Ibridoma before their full length self titled album. Many of the tracks here are on the self title and are just a little more raw on the demo with very little difference in song structure or style. That being said, for a demo, Ibridoma pull off an impressive performance. It's power metal yes; one can tell that from the power chords chugging along mixed with melodic solos and the high pitched vocals. It's all mid paced, gritty music that doesn't really do anything amazing, but it also doesn't do anything terrible either. Tracks like "Juliet" and "Dreams Of The Past" are slow ballads with mournful vocals versus "Page 26" and "Alone In The Wind" that are much heavier and definitely know how to rock with the way the riffs chug along. While the drums a bit muddled behind the distortion of the guitars, they still play a part in this power metal ensemble, and are much more clear on future works by the band.

Ultimately, since all but two tracks would be on the debut album, Ibridoma, fans would do a much better job picking that album up and getting acquainted with the band that way rather than trying to hunt this down. Only for the die hards who really like to study the sound difference between the remastered versus demo tracks. They aren't bad demo tracks at all; just that the better versions would be worth getting over therese. Plus one gets more music with the self title as well...

  1. Alone In The Wind
  2. Page 26
  3. Angels From Hell
  4. Dreams Of The Past
  5. Juilet

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Apr 24, 2010

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