IC Rex - Valonkantajan Alkemia

IC Rex is hailing from the satanic dungeons of Finland and with "Valonkantajan Alkemia" it is releasing its second formula. Like the previous album "Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia" (released by the same label in 2005) you will hear the torturing screams with few clean singing phrases. Tempo is mostly the mid range and fast one and filled with simple drum patterns, keyboards and enchanting guitars. The duration of the tracks is long as the shortest is 5 minutes and the 8 tracks are clocking almost 56 minutes.

IC Rex created a dark and tortureous atmosphere and put that captured formula on disc. And that he is singing in his native language doesn't but only giving problem when you want to write the songtitles...

1. Saturnaalisen Alkukaaoksen Partaalla
2. Alisen Maailman Virroissa
3. Vakivaltaisten Tulien Hehkussa
4. Kielletty Laake - Fosforoksen Valmistus
5. Valonkantajan Ylosnousemus
6. Kaikkivaltiaan Kammioissa
7. Valttamattomyyden Pyorain Lavitse
8. Sielun Alkemistin Uni
Hammer Of Hate Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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