Ichor - Depths

Deathcore/death metal from Germany... doesn't sound like something I will like but let's hear it anyway. "Depths" is the third full length album of Ichor so they are not newcomers. First thing that makes impression here is the cover artwork done by Par Olofsson who is responsible for many extreme metal album covers including Immortal and Immolation. In terms of music,it all starts with an eerie intro after which "Apophis" begins with a grinding drumming and a whirlwind of guitar riffs. Immediately bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance come to mind but the vocals are not so deep grunting like in the above mentioned names. Besides the fast tracks there are also mid-tempo ones like "While Giants Sleep". The good news is that the "core" element is not present too much,it's most evident on "The Beast Approaches". Ichor incorporate melodic elements into their aggressive death metal sound and on "Leviathan" they use keyboards. As a whole Ichor offer a good portion of skilled guitar playing and crushing drums. The weak point as it is with most similar releases is the lack of originality. "Depths" is an album that is made by the book and despite the good playing, there isn't really anything that stands out. Not a bad release but nothing more.

  1. Deep Rising
  2. Apophis
  3. Ra'iroa
  4. While Giants Sleep
  5. The Beasts Approach
  6. The Heretic King
  7. Leviathan
  8. Deny Your God
  9. Desire Of The Depth
  10. Cthulus Sons
  11. Hadal Sirens