Icon In Me - Human Museum

Formed by Russian guitarist D. Frans, Icon In Me are a Russian/Swedish/International ensamble of multi talent. "Human Museum" presents in your face new/modern metal which is finely blended with some good old thrash, jammed packed with total aggression yet still has melody. This musicial project features an aray of old school talents with memebers from bands such as: Transport League, The Arcane Order, Submission and Hatesphere to name a few. It also features some speceal guests such as: Steve Smyth (ex-Nevermore, Testament.

Parts of this album has a very old thrash/speed feel to it as in such tracks as:"That Day, That Sorrow" and "End Of File". I love the varying vocal degrees and ranges from both the loud and raunchy to the more crisp and clear ear tinglers. There is a wide range of styles on this album along with many contrasts which somehow work to fit perfectly together creating a beautiful marriage of chaos. If you wish to wake up and be alert then check this one out. 3/5 is my rating enjoy!

1. Dislocated 
2. That Day, That Sorrow 
3. End Of File 
4. Empty Hands 
5. Moments 
6. Blood Ritual 
7. To The End 
8. In Memorium 
9. The Worthless King 
10. Turn The Dead On
11. Avoiding The Pain
Massacre Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 17, 2009

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