Icycore - Wetwired

Power progressive metal from Germany. Clean high vocals, up tempo songs, keyboards and harmonic guitars. In the leads the keys are duelling with the guitars. Sometimes the keys are going too far in that spacy sound that it is becoming annoying. The songs change tempo and melody often and creating sometimes a symphonic atmosphere. This album is not bringing something you never heard before but just doing its thing oke and without that spacy keys it would be even better for my ears but maybe you disagree.

1. Wetwired
2. Upload
3. The net
4. Visions of numeric life
5. The hollow men
6. Watchdog & virus
7. Chrome
8. Redefine stru
9. A new gestalt
10. watch me now
11. Inner void
12. Eternal unlife

Limb Music Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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