Idol Of Fear - All Sights Affixed, Ablaze

Experimental extreme metal? I generally steer clear of such music as I find it too self-indulgent and tiresome after a while. On the other hand, Idol Of Fear expel a nice level of energy to create a blackened crafted set of songs that keep you mildly on the extreme side of the musical spectrum. There isn’t any classic blast beat driven nastiness, there is a general low key stance to the arrangements save for a few sections of madness as in the title track. So thinking more and more about this, is it good? Yes for what it is, although there are rather a few bands doing this in Europe so it’s tough to really stand out. if you take some latter Nachtmystium and pepper with Averse Sefira, you have a mix of the music that is on offer here.

There are tracks that’s vary in temp, there are different moods attempted by the music, it all seems a little woolly in places, neither one thing or another, when the keyboards enter the mix, it sounds a touch gothic even though I know that is not what its meant to be. In other aspects Idol Of Fear’s music is quite melodramatic post black metal and gives you something to think about. But it is not what I would call extreme at all, rather a harder experiment of different ideas loosely entangled within an extreme music scene. Ok for what it is, but it doesn’t have enough nastiness about it to rub shoulders with the well-established European scene, although that said, the vocals are very good and precise. You have to be in an experimental frame of mind for this one, if you like metal that’s meat and potatoes you will get washed away by the pint of this effort. It is thought provoking but needs a few more stand out tracks to set the release apart from itself.

  1. Vanquish 
  2. Morningstar  
  3. Circle Of Vortices  
  4. All Sights Affixed, Ablaze  
  5. It Demands  
  6. It Militates  
  7. It Tyrannizes  
  8. Carrion (instrumental)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 3, 2015

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