If Hope Dies - Life In Ruin

Second album of New Yorks If Hope Dies for metal Blade. The band plays metal core but does it very convincing. Harsh shouted lyrics but he is also trying to do clean parts. Guitars are short riffing and doing some nice leads. Drum sound is tight machinery like blasting. A nice blend of harcore and thrash metal in aggressiveness, tight, and groovy melodies. The sound is clear and powerful. Althought the band stays between the safe lines and not adding a new dimension, the album sounds compact, tight and pure energetic and thus for metalcore fans a real taster!

1. Burned Out
2. Anthem For The Unemployable
3. Dead Reckoning
4. Time Is Not On Our Side
5. Fear Will Keep Them In Line
6. Water Into Wine Cooler
7. The Ultimate Nullifier
8. Marked For Death
9. Some Skynyrd
10. Nuked From Orbit
11. Life In Ruin

Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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