Ignitor - Haunted By Rock & Roll

Austin, Texas’ Ignitor return with their sixth full length entitled “Haunted By Rock & Roll” so prepare yourself 9 track odyssey into the depths of the heavy/power metal genre. Although these guys have been around since 2003, one listen and you’ll swear they’ve been around since the 80’s. Their music definitely gives a reverent nod to that time period, but it would be a mistake to call their material dated, and if anyone has ever considered this genre to be dead or dying, then you can definitely call this a revival of sorts. A deep passion for metal and a strong song structure is what you will find from beginning to end on this release, and I must say that this CD has sparked my interest to delve back into this particular style of metal. When a metal band can spark that type of interest in its fans, you know you have something special.

In considering the music, you have killer rock n roll styled riffs with a hardened metallic edge, that will appeal to fans of bands such as Lizzy Borden, Impaler, and old Mötley Crüe. In some instances, you will pick up on some speed and even thrash metal vibes, but its done just enough for maximum effectiveness and, for the most part, stays true to the heavy/power metal style. The drumming style works well for the material presented here, but does seem to sound “stiff” in parts. Their fluency needs just a tad more work, but even so, these songs are still quite enjoyable. The bass accompanies the riffs quite well and is definitely one of the high points of this release. Very nice 4 string work here!

The vocals are of the thrashy, heavy metal type, but with a slight adjustment here or there could work for the power or progressive genres as well. The high octaves aren’t exactly polished, but rather have a nice edginess to them. If you can imagine a raspy version of the vocals from Realm’s 'Suiciety', then you have an idea of the higher screams here. There’s even some instances where the vocalist sounds like what it would be like if Brian Johnson from AC/DC did something heavier. The vocals changes are spot on and keeps things interesting.

This was a great album, although sounding odd in parts. Ignitor are just absolute metal freaks, and there is no doubt that a lot of time and dedication went into this release. This is, definitely, a CD you could listen to again and again. This would be a great addition to any metal head’s collection or to introduce someone to the heavy/power metal genre as it embodies everything that it stands for. Even with its minor imperfections, Ignitor prove that true metal is alive, well, and not going to die anytime soon. In fact, after listening to this album, I doubt it ever will.

  1. To Brave The Way
  2. Haunted By Rock & Roll
  3. Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown
  4. Hatchet (The Ballad Of Victor Crowley)
  5. Leather Forever
  6. Nomad
  7. No Sanctuary
  8. Throw Them From The Cliff
  9. Hung, Drawn, And Quartered (cover Raven)