Ilenkus - Rule By Thieves

Ilenkus is a relatively new band to the Metal world from Ireland who have started their music career off with a bang, a blip, and a few other noises to craft a rather unique debut that gives a variety of genres for a new take on Post Metal. Rather than opt for the slow, repetitive and yet highly atmospheric approach that is full of epic proportions and a mix of bellowing, Hardcore fused vocals with cleaner, softer ones usually heard in Gothic Metal, Ilenkus just dive right in by mixing Hardcore, Groove Metal, Prog Metal, Post, and even Industrial for something that makes sure no track is every the same. "The Jig" features a heavy Modern Metal approach with the harsh Hardcore vocals, screeched chants, and thundering bass that sounds almost Punk based along with low, chanting clean vocals that sound like there is a bit of a Folk Metal influence thrown into the mix. Then everything changes "Kleptocracy" which is much more technical and jazzy while still remaining heavy and raw, but more in the vein of groups like Fading Waves, though not as slow and percussive.

"Phoenix" is haunting, slow and even features some industrial beats that make it feel like a remix track amongst a distorted rage of guitars and vocals. Sadly, the heavier moments ruin the ambiance, but this alone is probably the most unique track on the album simply because it jumps in such a randow direction compared to the other tracks, and fans will love it. "Pompeii" is a faster track- not as technical- but does a good job at going back and forth between fast and mid paced tracks which heralds of Groove Metal moments from groups like Soulfly or Skinlab. "Cerebral Anatomy" sounds like if Tool went Metal and the closing epic "Great Divide" brings things back full circle to the Post Metal sound and being comparable to a more Rock oriented style of a group like The Ocean. Here the band does a real great job of switching between heavy, thundering passages and slower, melodic bits with the clean vocals. It is a bit predictable, but well performed and lives up to the variety hype of the album so far. Despite there being a bit of a silence gap near the end, the band throws in one last curveball with a mix and mess of industrial ambiance that is more sonic noise/ Drone Doom than anything else, but again, a nice touch a variance even though it may make little sense. Still, listeners will be amazed at what will come out of this disc.

  1. The Jig
  2. Kleptocracy
  3. Dr. Jekyl
  4. Phoenix
  5. Pompeii (The Butcher)
  6. Cerebral Anomaly
  7. Mayhem
  8. Great Divide