Ilid - The Shadow Over Arkham

Ilid is a band from Italy and consist of 3 guys and 1 girl who is doing the vocals. In 2007 they release their EP "The Shadow Over Arkham" on the label UKdivision Records. The 4 songs on this EP are melodic rock with hard guitars and clean femle vocals. The vocals are the main item where it is all about. They sing in melody and trying to get an emotional touch by the listeners. The guitars are hard in riffing but a bit standard in the patterns and not doing leads at all. Listening to this EP a few times and still got not moved as all the songs could enter the alternative hitcharts but not the metal ranks at all...

1. Envenomation
2. Sacred
3. The Grief
4. Encore

Alkemist Fanatix
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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