I'll Eat Your Face - Hot Brains Terror

When considering a group like I'll Eat Your Face, many first time listeners might wonder if this is a joke? Considering the album is labeled under Grindcore many could accept that idea since the sub-genre is usually so outlandish and intense anyone can get away with anything and still draw attention from fans while writing an album that is completely silly. While it is true that many of the tracks on I'll Eat Your Face's sophomore effort like "Brainwolf" and "Castle Of Vomiting Owls" sound like they have no redeeming qualities whatsoever, the music is true to key to what makes this album so interesting. Like their previous effort of a debut released just barely a year before, many of these tracks are short and right to the point in a Grindcore fashion. Sometimes they feature speed and drumming so fast that all that would be missing are the deep grunts and high pitched squeals to make it perfectly obscene, such as "Enslaved By The Prawn Master." But, more often than not, they include incredibly jazzy, catchy sections that show more class than anticipated.

Almost every track here is an instrumental. There are no decipherable vocals present, and if there are, they are buried within the music. "Weasel Slime Tank" features a rather groovy section of repetitive Rock inspired riffs that is a great opening for the album. "Drowning Dogs..." is a bit more cohesive as it focuses more on distorted riffs being chained together, the melody that is drawn out from the music is still quite inspiring. And then there is the stop n' go rollercoaster of "The Eels of Love Lake" which switches between dynamic riffs, slower almost sludgy passages, and sometimes just direct, hard hitting Thrash inspired sections. No matter the track though, one thing is certain: effort was put into this. This isn't just another jam session that was cut and stitched together and called an album. Listeners can definitely tell the musicianship here took skill and time, even though a year doesn't seem like much time. The only downside to this is that the album is brief- barely clocking at twenty minutes. It may not be as technical as Animals As Leaders, but it still matches up as one of the better Prog-grindcore instrumental efforts of the years.


  1. Weasel Slime Tank
  2. Acid Worm Monsoon
  3. Brainwolf: Revenge Of The Priest
  4. Drowning Dogs In A Swamp
  5. Enslaved By The Prawnmaster
  6. Reverse Eagle Embeastment
  7. The Eels Of Love Lake
  8. Castle Of Vomiting Owls
  9. Forever Sealed In The Electric Brains' Melting Slug-Ray