Illdisposed – 1-800 Vindication (re-relase)

Illdisposeds jump out of the swamp! The bands successor was originally released in 2004 by RoadRunner Records. On this album the boys from Denmark combined the typical grooving Illdisposed style with electric soundsamples. The sound on „Vindication“ was one of the phattest at this time and band made their masterstroke. This version is a rerelase because the album was completly sold out and was rereleased with 2 bonus live tracks.

If there are people out there who don´t have this album, this is you´r chance to get that masterpiece!

1. Believe In Me
2. Dark
3. Now We're History
4. When You Scream
5. Jeff
6. In Search of Souls
7. Still Sane
8. You Against the World
9. No More Time
10. The Final Step
Bonustracks (live)
11. Near the gates
12. Ich bin verloren in Berlin

Massacre Records
Reviewer: Paul
Sep 18, 2009

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