Illdisposed – Burn me wicked (re-release)

Illdisposed´s successor of „1-800 Vindication“ originally released in 2006 by RoadRunner Records.Since that album the band´s cds sound in a new way. They mix electronic soundsamples with the typical Illdisposed-style. The production of the cd has a heavy preasure and the band plays well as ever. There is no suprise in point of songwriting on this album but absolutely ok. Fans who don´t like musical suprises or a „wow“ after hearing the new cd are welcome.

A solid album form the drinking combo. Illdisposed, simply that. This version is a rerelase because the album was completly sold out and was rereleased with 2 bonus live tracks.

1. Shine Crazy
2. Case of The Late Pig
3. Back To The Streets
4. Our Heroin Recess
5. Throw Your Bolts
6 .Burn Me Wicked
7. Fear The Gates
8. Slave
9. Nothing To Fear... Do It
10. The Widow Black
11. Illdispunk'd
Bonustracks (live)
12. Dark
13. Weak is your god

Massacre Records
Reviewer: Paul
Sep 18, 2009
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