Illdisposed – To Those Who Walk Behind Us

Here we go with Illdisposed – Denmark´s Finest. The guys around suboofer Bo Summer and guitarist / songwriter Jakob Batten. „To those who walk behind us“ is ther 9th full lengh album and was released under their new label Massacre Records.

The album is a great step forward into stepping back... The band renounces for the most part on theexperimental samples which were overloading the last 2 albums.

Sure, some parts are still remaining, but the made a step back to the roots in grooving midtempo riffing. The songs are remembering on their best days at „There is something rotten in the state of Denmark“ in 1997. The sound is absolutely okay, Bo´s subwoofer grunts / growls / screams are superb as ever, the guitars are banging heavy out of the boxes. Songwriting is fine, and you know at the beginning that´s Illdisposed. The have made over the years their very own sound and style.

The best album since „There is something rotten...“ Try it!

1. Blood On Your Parade
2. For The Record
3. Just Come And Get Me
4. Seeking Truth - Telling Lies
5. Sale At The Misery Factory
6. To Those Who Walk Behind Me
7 .If All The World
8. My Number Is Expired
9. Johnny
10.This Unscheduled Moment
11. Nu Gik Det Lige Så Godt

Massacre Records
Reviewer: Paul
Sep 18, 2009

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