Illogicist - Subjected

I have their 2002 release Polymorphism Of Death and I really liked that one and wrote I would like to hear their full length. Well here it is and I put it in the player at once. Yes, they are still doing their thing and yes I still like it. For those who don't know, Illogicist play technical death metal with a link to Death, Cynic and Pestilence. Various songs in tempo, brutality and melody. Nice guitarriffs and leads, double bassdrums and raw vocals. This is a disc that doesn't disappoint me and hopefully you too.

1. Into your mind
2. The high price of confidence
3. Knowledge curse
4. Every straight lie
5. Dissonant perspectives
6. Subjected
7. Introspection
8. The soul feeder
9. The last show

Crash Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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