Illogo - When Liquids Stay Dry

One constant about music is that few bands are daring to be different. Illogo isn’t different-they are lightyears ahead of comprehension. Illogo take the claustrophobic emotion of black metal, the unique time arrangments of Messugah, and futuristic melodies of Flux. There is an undiscribable ambiance in every song. Chaotic, yet contained. This is music that will not be understood by many in this lifetime, despite that fact- in the very near future Illogo will be recognized for there contributions to music. Futuristic Metal, for the Futuristic Mentality.

1. Ogiva
2. Inaudita Altera Parte
3. When Liquids Stay Dry
4. Retina-scan
5. Impercettibile
6. Krome Anagram And Silver Bodies
7. Stellar
8. Cenere
9. Agonia Della Intenzioni
10. Logica

UK Division Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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