Imbalance - Period Three Implies Chaos

Imbalance are happy to share their debut with the masses, and it is a swell album indeed. If there was ever such a thing as 'technical thrash,' this is it. The entire album is so rhythmic and groove laden while still remaining fiercely aggressive that it is very hard to 'not' like this album. Much of Imbalance's sound is a mix of thrash and melodic death metal, with chugging guitars and rasping vocals, but the solos are the most interesting thing of all! On tracks like "Dies Irae" there is a fantastic eastern inspired solo with some percussive drumming that really blows fan expectations out of the water. Imbalance do this sort of thing quite often; one moment its hard thrash with some groove mixed in hurtling like a freight train and then suddenly there's this technical jazzy/ melodic solo that is such a left field hit that it leave a unique imprint on the psyche.

"Hemisphere Of Blood" is a more standard thrash track with extra groove the way the guitars repetitvely chug and pull away like climbing a mountain. It isn't Imbalance at its finest, but it is a fun track to headbang to in the spirit of bands like Dew Scented. "A Furore..." is all over the place, granting the title of 'most schizophrenically technical' track on the album. It isn't mathcore technical, but the tempo and pace changes so much- especially when it comes to the blindingly fast solo mixed with the drums- fans can't help but be impressed. "Burial Of Consciousness" has a bit of a more 'distorted and out of touch' sound with the guitars and tends to get a bit repetitive, but despite its weakness it doesn't bring down the album at all.

Hopefully these guys will find a label soon because their music is extremely engaging and a bit on the unique side. While the sound may be a bit dry and fuzzy without the overwhelming energy that thrash grants, Imbalance give any seasoned metal band a run for their money with their anthems and down and dirty sound. This is meant for fans of thrash, technical death metal, or some mathcore bands like Meshuggah (don't expect anything close to their level of insanity though).

  1. Dies Irae
  2. Period Three Implies Chaos
  3. Hemisphere Of Blood
  4. Hellfire
  5. On Your Knees
  6. Like From An Open Wound
  7. A Furore Normannorum Libera Nos Domine(Part 1)
  8. Deprivation
  9. Burial Of Consciousness
  10. Bestial By Nature
  11. Ease Your Pain

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 31, 2010

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