Impaled - Death After Life

Medical deathmetal maniacs Impaled (U.S.A.) strike again with this new full length CD. How we remember them, still old school approach of pathological metal with influences of thrash and death. Although this style is very recognizable they still manage to keep it interesting also by using some more musical influences than just the ones mentioned before. This is just a strong album with nice obscure melody, great impact created by rocking riffs, fine but raw surgical sound and plenty of space for aggression. A very demented story told by these freaks enforced by sick and twisted intros. Impaled after death...

1. Goreverture
2. Mondo medicale
3. Gutless
4. Theatre of operations
5. Preservation of death
6. Wrought in hell
7. Ressurectionists
8. Critical conditions
9. The dead shall dead remain
10. Medical waste
11. Dead alive
12. Coda morte

Century Media Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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