Impalement – In Torture We Trust

Impalement are a death metal band based in The Netherlands and this is their first full-length release. These guys have been together for the best part of seven years and have released two demos before their debut album. There is a calibre for the band members, with some coming from Spawn and Wake Up Dying. After their change of drummer, the band took their work to the next level.

Their fast, brutal riffs and low grunting vocals are backed by the ever present bass and drums, providing an irrepressible backbeat that’s hard to beat. Currently the band are unsigned but there is the hope that this won’t last for long, especially with their heritage and death metal skills.

The bass is a main force in this, propelling the songs and providing a backdrop for the slight screech of guitar to be heard before the deep, dark vocal is layered on top, creating a tour de force that any band would be proud of. There is a lot of similarity between metal bands, but this one seems not to rely solely on the screechy sounds that can be pulled from any instrument, instead focusing on the bassier backbeat that is evident within every instrument, including the vocalist’s voice. Backing vocals are taken by two other members of the band, and create a depth and richness not often found in a death metal band.

Impalement use a Pulp Fiction snippet as the introduction to the self-titled fourth song, and this is their opus. Using not only the deep gravelly voice, but the screechy scream of the backing vocalist, the battle for vocal supremacy comes more to the fore here, as it takes over from the main vocals throughout the song, backed as every by the bass grumble from the drummer and bassist. This is what death metal is all about!

Self released
Reviewer: Metalhead

Jan 30, 2012

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Impalement – In Torture We Trust


1. 14th Key 
2. Buried Alive 
3. Hungry For Human Flesh 
4. Impalement 
5. Manhunt 
6. Train Of Death 
7. Sick Torture Device 
8. Pure Fucking Lust 
9. Human Sacrifice 
10. Lucifer's Child

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