Imperial Darkness - Nekysia And Perversion

Straight up occult Black Metal from Greece. Imperial Darkness have been creating blasphemy together since October 2000 and the current line-up stands as: Gilles de Rais (Pyriffeyethon) - Guitar, Bass, Zyled - Vocals, Guitar and Paimon - Drums. Former members have been the likes of: Count Lethaemon (Ezgaroth, Behelal, Bethor, Medieval Demon) - Vocals, Synths and Deceiver Nazarene - Drums.

This unholy creation by Imperial Darkness titled "Nekysia And Perversion" is pure raw and demonic. Obviously this is not the most smooth of when it comes to production and mixing but one can appreciate the primitive rough style of the recording. I love the edge here with the ritualistic vocal style and eerie atmosephere. The most haunting track would have to be No.6 "Journeys Out Of Body" which lends a nice yet haunting meditative end after 5 tracks of total hellish chaos (I say this in a goodway). I think that the Intro is genius and it gave me the same feel as when watching an old 70's b-horror/thriller flick. This album is not a long listen with roughly 20 min length not allowing room for one to become bored nor give much space for one to find to much fault with haha. Honestly I appreciate this recording and hope that others will as well.

"Nekysia And Perversion" is proof that an album does not need to be highly produced and technical inorder to be good. I feel that anyone who loves true raw black metal that is laced with Satanic and Occultish lacings and whom do not look for the typical "new" perfected sound of a buffed recording, will really get into this piece. This album grows on me the more I listen to it and am impressed for the dedication and loyalty that I feel this band puts into their music. Imperial Darkness  have feeling and play with heart and to me this is what matters the most.

1. Intro 

2. Nekyomantia
3. Nosoforos 

4. Pageant Blasphemy 

5. Porphyria

6. Journeys Out Of Body

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 1, 2010
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