Imperial Darkness - Occult Spiritual Crypt

Formed back in 2000 Greek black metaller's Imperial Darkness finally release their debut full length album and your going to struggle to hear an album this year that's blacker! "Occult Spiritual Crypt" has that classic earthy, dirty feel that the classic album's by Darkthrone, Burzum and even early Bathory had that brought black metal kicking and screaming out of the dark cave it was dwelling in.

'Book Of Septicemia' actually sums the album up nicely. Everything from the changes of pace from lightning speed shredding to slow and dirty pauses to the tortured vocals and even some spoken word passages. If you don't like this first track switch off but if you do carry on and the album opens up showcasing all these qualities in a more detailed form.

I’m not going to drag this review on because this album really does what it says on the tin. You only have to look at the artwork and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this album is about. All you need to know is, is it good? Well, yes it is. It’s just over half hour of pure black metal done the old way. It’s not going to turn the metal world upside down or rewrite any books but it does what it aims to do and will scratch that particular itch if you want a soundtrack to dig your corpsepaint out to!

  1. Occult Spiritual Crypt (intro)
  2. Book Of Septicemia
  3. Nosoforos
  4. Saturn's Mediation
  5. Nahash (Son Of Disobedience)
  6. Serpent Power
  7. Cacodemon's Obtainment
  8. Pageant Blasphemy
  9. Shadowpath


Satanic Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 17, 2014
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