Impetuous Rage - Inverted Redemption

This review is sort of an obituary, because Impetuous Rage split up in July 2009. “Inverted Redemption” was already released back in April 2007 by Genocide Productions. But in 2009 the album is re-released by Spanish label Grotesque Productions and as a bonus features their first two demos "First Manifestation Of Heresy" and "Decayed In The Pecaminous Profoundness"

But let's take a closer look at this one: with purchasing this gruff but credible album, you get nothing else than 40 minutes of brutality from the vaults of Brasil. Obviously inspired by the mighty Massacre, Possessed, Incantation and Sarcofago, the band offers a nice cocktail of the early Death Metal spirit as well as an unmistakable affinity for old school Thrash Metal and the ambition to create their own independent bastard. The bands unholy concept emerges at any time and song titles like “Disgusting God” or “Terrorizing Evil Conquest” underline this image even more. The music in itself ranges from slower parts to mid-tempo based passages and furious blast beats. The only exception is the track “Penance” which is a short accoutic instrumental one. The string section delivers varied but aggressive stuff and the vocalist vomits his dark anti-christian lyrics all over this nice bunch of South American violence. The Hellhammer cover (“Massacra”) is a cool and by any means credible addition to “Inverted Redemption”. The whole thing is crowned with a solid, quite convincing production that emphasises the bands intention to release a quite satisfying album for every Death Metal lunatic. Well, what can I say?! Impetuous Rage gave life to an impressive full length output which doesn´t differ from its aim. “Inverted Redemption” is definitely worth to be checked out by the true hordes of the deepest Death Metal underground. And now with the bonus disc it completes your missing Impetuous Rage stuff and if you don't know the band it is a good start to learn them.


1. Let Us Fall In Temptation
2. Inverted Redemption
3. Disgusting God
4. Penance
5. Retaliator Paradise
6. Massacra (cover Hellhammer)
7. Rotting Devotion
8. Empire Of Lies
9. Terrorizing Evil Conquest

Bonus disc
1. Decayed In The Pecaminous Profoundness (intro)
2. Rotting Devotion
3. Empire Of Lies
4. Terrorizing Evil Conquest
5. Cornucopia
6. The Black Vomit
7. Empire Of Lies
8. Terrorizing Evil Conquest
9. Rotting Devotion
10. Retaliator Paradise
11. Sacrificial Suicide (cover Deicide)

Grotesque Productions
Reviewer: Alex
Feb 6, 2010

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