In Aeternum - Curse Of Devastation

Started in 1992 under the monniker Behemoth and releasing two rehearsel tapes but two years later they changed to In Aeternum. The 4 guys are hailing from Sweden and are not playing typical Swedish death metal but black metal. Maybe you could have figured it out yourself seeing the artwokr and song titles.

On this release which was recorded in a few days the band plays fast black metal and not afraid to claim the strength of Satanism. Only four tracks and so speaking of a MCD of fast and slightly melodic black metal with a blink at death metal. The fast parts are interupted by mid paced rhythms but soon followed by the fast parts again. Growling vocals, with blasting bass drum and haunting riffs with good leads.

All together a nice MCD with lots of aggression and temper but not breaking the barriers of originality. It is a wall of sound but a bit on the safe side.

1. Curse Of Devastation
2. Consume
3. New World Filth
4. Reaper In Black 2006

Pulverised Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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