In Arkadia - Blind Oppression

In Arkadia was formed out of two bands from Lyon (France): Catalyst and Lunarmony. This somewhere around 2005 and one year later they released their debut album "Release the Shadow". In 2007 they began writing and recording new material and their second album was released in February 2008.

"Blind Oppression" is the album and contains 10 tracks in a style of melodic death thrash metal. The first thing that jumps out are the guitars. Nice riffing but the leads are even better. Nicely melodic and played with emotion, I fucking love it!! The second thing that is cool are the various tempo changes and they are made with ease. The vocals are a bit raw and a crossing between growling and singing. But the vocals are the weak point here, they are getting annoying after a while. That the band has musically potention can be heard in the instrumental track "Vengeance Dies With A Fallen Fate". But the reason why you should listen to this album is for the guitars.

1. Useless
2. Preemptive Sidiate
3. Dystopia
4. Psychic Simian
5. Ego Alter
6. Cell Of Madness
7. Suck & Fuck
8. Adrenalin Drift
9. Vengeance Dies With A Fallen Fate
10. Obso(u)lescence

Another Sphere Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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