In Arkadia - Wasteland Chronicles

French Death/Thrash band In Arkadia are a band I have heard only in name before receiving this latest release for review. From the outset, the music is vibrant and meaty, it has life, energy and a good rule book read on catchy and tuneful arrangements. There are a lot of European bands trading this style around, it is becoming rather a common feature of metal religion to be honest, but not complaining about this, In Arkadia handle their duties with a precision to the likes of dISBELIEF or Arch Enemy, using many straight metal melodies and rhythms such as that in ‘Shock Doctrine’ and encompassing a heavy battering ram tirade on the drums. ‘Forever Dusk’ introduces a purified Death metal form, more guttural on the vocals, welcomed changes, but the standard vocal style of preferred, but at least there is an element of variety. ‘The Thing that Make Me Die’ reminds me of some of Sentenced’s work in the their latter stages, vocally and also the guitar work, really makes you sit back and enjoy, this is an album I have really found favour with the more times you play it.

So in terms of clichés, is this a difficult third album? No Way on this earth, ‘Wasteland Chronicles’ is worthy of your investment and is an album that never loses its momentum or focus, each track keeps you entertained and thoughtful of the riff work happening but then again, the rumbling of thunder drums will not subside your conscious thought either. Rather a good release, the album grows in appreciation as the track list plays out with many full of hammer blow actions and vibrate song writing ability.

  1. Rising Aggression
  2. Telluric
  3. Drain Me Out of Time
  4. Shock Doctrine
  5. Forever Dusk
  6. Slaves to Sin
  7. The Thing That Makes Me Die
  8. Quasar IV
  9. The Agonist Pledge
  10. Doomed to Murder
  11. Didaskalia
  12. The Witness

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 29, 2010
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