In Demise - Conjuring Dystopia

Having released demos and albums since the birth of In Demise in 2005, this year's offering comes in the form of a fifteen minute EP from the German band. Demonstrating a demonic balance between melodic riffs and attention-seeking build ups, the band provide a chaotic channelling of progressive death metal deemed fit for the genre at hand.

Despite such a short run of tracks from the release, they appear as adrenaline fuelled multi-genre layered, and ultimately place In Demise ahead of many others doing similar ventures. There are major hints of Psycroptic pumped throughout this, but you can also notice slight snippets of Despised Icon and Aborted within the songwriting, enabling the band to cater for the majority of the death metal universe whilst also retaining to a unique and foreboding atmospheric, general sound.

The depth of the record is fantastic, along with the help of a great modern production easily puts In Demise in high standards. And whilst the EP only has a short life, it has enough reasoning for you to go back and listen again and again. That is of course if you can stand their relentless brutality that constantly demands the recognition it deserves.

4 / 5 STARSĀ 


1. Conjuring Dystopia
2. In Denial
3. The Process Of Recovery
4. The Arsonist's Playbook