In Demoni – Genetic Degeneration

It is three years since Germany’s In Demoni released their debut album as this EP contains five songs that owe plenty to very early Aborted, especially the vocals which are virtually indecipherable as the guy bellows, barks and roars with caveman like qualities. Opening the EP is 'Blood Sales' a high velocity track that starts with a bizarre intro piece that also materialises during the opener that caught me out somewhat and didn’t work for me personally as it interrupted the momentum.

The title track blasts into life with a scathing riff and blurring blast beat that has a mechanized feel, a bit like second album The Berzerker, that is unmitigated obliteration from start to finish. This style of brutal death metal can fall headlong into a quagmire of repetitiveness but the German band focuses the aspects of their songs by injecting pace variations to enhance the flow even though this is played at lightning speed. Despite this uncompromising speed the tunes retain a flair for melody as the band insert various riff breaks and fills to devastating effect. The prize for the most brutal and ferocious track goes to 'Fucking World Insanity' which is relentless and it is here that you get an inkling of black metal due to the riffing style and tone and works extremely well. At times the speed on this release is inhuman, mercilessly executed within a blasting cornucopia to the point of assaulting oblivion but it works extremely well.

Closing the EP’s main tracks is 'Sorely Incapacitated' which thunders into life with seismic double kick that lets up for the beastly vocal gargles that are spliced by the rampant drums as the track ploughs headlong with unceremonious and maniacal glee to its finale. There is something impure about this release, the utter sonic devastation has an industrialised emotionless delivery due entirely to the speed and outright viciousness.

  1. Blood Sales
  2. Genetic Degeneration
  3. Voices From The Off
  4. Fucking World Insanity
  5. Sorely Incapacity
  6. Track 06
  7. Track 07
  8. Track 08
  9. Vapeilas Cover

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 1, 2016

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