In Demoni - The Grand Slam

The comedic route is compellingly chosen for In Demoni's second record, and third musical offering since their 2016 EP release, titled 'Genetic Degeneration'. These German death metal bruisers are a little hidden under the radar it seems, yet should be out there with some of the bigger names in this boastful scene.

'The Grand Slam' (Oh I see what you did there), is a 39 - minute long assault on the ear drums, and yes there's plenty of slam riffage if that wasn't obvious enough from the title. 'Viva La Slam' opens with a tiny, yet continuous piano segment before breaking down your walls with a massive gurgle and punishing riffs. Like most brutal death albums, the songs to follow are similar in what to expect. Although In Demoni are successful at branching out, the riffs are memorable and don't depend on the slamming riffs that you may originally assume. The vocals are not repetitive throughout using many different styles commonly found in the underground scene. The clever use of samples on starts of some tracks help define the songs, and add to the diversity.

With twelve tracks in total, and many of them titled in comedy gold, such as 'Pizza Slamami' and 'Balls Of Bigfoot', there's lots to appreciate if you're after a fun, but still heavy as boulders listen after a shit day at work. Not to mention the absolutely brilliant artwork which you have to see. In Demoni have created a blistering record at the right time to fit in with the scene at its strongest, the trick is reaching out there and revealing this gold mine.

  1. Viva La Slam
  2. Cockslamming
  3. Yes We Come
  4. Professor Cambium Dick
  5. I Don’t Fuck I Mathturbate
  6. The Roaring Twenties
  7. Pizza Slamami
  8. Sodom Superstar
  9. Balls Of Bigfoot
  10. It’s Not How It Sounds
  11. Exercises In Stupidity
  12. Supoesto Demonio


Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 1, 2018
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