In-Sight - From The Depths

It has been a bit of a gap since Italy's Melodic Death Metal Beauty n' Beast outfit In-Sight have graced listeners with another slab of music, but finally after picking up a label after several independent records, it seems like they finally have the backing to garner the attention they deserve. Drawing on influences like a harsher version of Deadlock or even Lacuna Coil, the most obvious display is the trade off of male snarls and female clean singing. At first it takes some getting used to but the two complement each other well when considering a track like "Parasite." The album opens with the piano driven "Intro" before jumping into "Mind The Light." Here the band definitely sounds quite a bit like Deadlock's mid era work with the churning guitars and female driven verse and chorus with the male vocals chiming in every once in a while. However, one can definitely say that In-Sight is a lot heavier and guitar dependent as opposed to Deadlock which recently have begun incorporating a lot more electronic elements into their work. In-Sight is also pure, raw charging energy; there are lots of rough edes with the production but the music can still be heard easily.

Here and there the tracks will tone down a bit for more of a just a direct Melodic Rock approach while still keeping the vocal format the same. "Insight" has one of the better hooks at drawing listeners in with its opening notes before jumping into the thundering rhythms while "Rary" can be considered the 'album ballad' despite the use of harsh guitars in the middle with the female vocals leading the way. In turn, the following "For the Sake Of The Show" allows the male growls to lead, switching the roles so the female vocals are used sparingly this time. In-Sight also include a re-recording of their 2007 effort of "Informutation." It is a bit shorter than the original, but better produced with sharper sound on the guitars and also on the vocal front as well. With a new label in hand, the band probably felt it was best to allow a personal favorite a rework so it could be enjoyed to full potential. For most who have followed In-Sight, 'From The Depths' will sit right on par with the other albums, if not better. For those who are new to the band, most will find the rhythms appealing, though not as melodic as some other groups out there who are a little more seasoned. Of course, In-Sight are more than capable of unleashing the best dual vocal melodic assault the world has seen yet in the future.


  1. Intro
  2. Mind The Light
  3. Winding Coil
  4. Frost Hate
  5. Insight
  6. Parasite
  7. Rary
  8. For The Sake Of The Show
  9. Informutation (2011)