Inbreeding Sick - Sodomized And Gutted

I love Colombia! I love it's insatiable hunger for all things brutal! And almost every band I hear from Colombia is faster and more brutal than the last!!!

Inbreeding Sick are a 3 piece band that feature a drum machine. Now normally I wouldn't really dig drum machine bands as I have heard so many bad examples of using a drum machine but Inbreeding Sick do it rather well. Having originally formed with a drummer in 2004 and then opting for a drum machine in 2005 for their "The Impaler" demo, they now have their first full - length, "Sodomized And Gutted". This album is 10 tracks of non stop bludgeoning from the word "go". It does not relent for one second. It's got some nice slams and breakdowns ala Devourment but most of the time the album is very hectic! It reminds me alot of Malignancy in places with all the pinch harmonics.

Inbreeding Sick consist of 2 members, Harold and Rolo who are guitar and bass/vocals respectively, share the drum machine programming duties between them, and they do a sterling job. However, the intensity of this album wares abit thin if I'm honest because it all just starts to sound the same and if anything could do with abit more variety to keep the listener interested. The constant blast does get just a little bit boring and as a result the latter half of the album does seem to pass you by. They have even done a video for the track "IIIXXXIII" which features on the album which is worth a look and the Stabwound cover is pretty damn cool.

Overall it's a pretty cool album, but if it's slow parts you seek, this is not the band for you. It's blast blast blast for these guys but it does get abit monotonous, buts it's not at all bad.

1. Sodomized And Gutted
2. Parricide Execution
3. Decaptitated Child
4. Severe Perversions
6. Corporal Disembowelment
7. Chainsaw Surgery
8. I Devour My Brain
9. Butchered Through Surgical Incision
10. As I  Watch You Bleed Again (cover Stabwound)

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 4, 2010
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