Incarcerate/Internal Torture - Butchered Feastings Of Morbid Intentions

A split released by Reverb Productions in 2008 and featuring Incarcerate (Malaysia) and Internal Torture (Philippines). Both bands are into the utter depths of death metal and so expect some brutal butchering.
Incarcerate is opening with 5 tracks and beside the deep growling vocals there is also down tuned riffing. The growling vocals are on the same level with a high pig scream now and then. Tempo of the songs are an interaction between blasts and slam grooves. The 5 songs are of a brute level but rather need some hatchy hooks or sharp guitar leads to really stand out.
Internal Torture is next with 4 tunes and they are also blasting. I like this band more as they have a nice drummer. Although he is hitting on a tin can regularly, he is playing wicked rhythms. Going from blasts to groove and on top of a fast beat he is going even faster with wicked beatings. Having such drummer gives the band the ability to vary in tempo a lot and creamed on top with very deep vocals and thick chunky riffs.
Conclusion of this split is that both are capable to spew their brutal death upon the masses and the drummer of Internal Torturre is the winner for me.

Written for AEA Zine #16

1. Vaginal Waste
2. Disembodied By A Guillotine
3. Depopulate
4. Butcher The Rest
5. Born Displaguement

Internal Torture
6. Whore Killing
7. Traumatized By The Mutanting Vagina
8. Lacrimation Of Bloodworms
9. Incinerating Plague

Reverb Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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