Incinerate – Eradicating Terrestrial Species

2015 and indeed it was time for those technical brutal death metal freaks to unleash their third full length. No surprises here. What history taught us so far is that when the play button is pushed on one of their releases, mayhem follows. Settin off on the right foot I got to mention the big improvement they’ve done on the cover artwork.

I mean, don’t get me wrong here. Music is above all. But the combination of Music and Artwork is always highly appreciated. So what’s new for them since 2008 and “Anatomize”? Besides the better artwork, of course the song titles. “Anatomize” was a concept of monosyllabic. From the album title until the last song everything was just of one word. Well guess what. Incinerate decided to change that as well. Big and graphic song titles as ‘Eliminating The Indigenous’, ‘Fucking The Rotting Nun’ and many more like these one create a really nice aura before actually anything is heard. What hasn’t changed since their previous release is definitely their ability to destroy everything. Incinerate is a band of talented musicians (half American and half Canadian) and from day one their will for destructive brutal death metal was more than obvious. “Eradicating Terrestrial Species” is in my opinion their most mature work so far. Sharp riffs giving the proper space to a relentless drummer to unfold almost everything in his arsenal, from blast beats, to double kick drum orgies and back to blast beats. A bass guitar able to follow every riff, adding to the heaviness of the whole outcome, and a throat so torn, growling its way through the whole process. All these of course found plenty and in their most excessive manner, forming great song constructions solid and massive.

The whole album seems to have a nice flow as each song tends to carry on where the previous stopped. With a minimum time length of 3:30 minutes per song and 10 songs in general including a Severed Savior cover on ‘One By One’ you can’t get bored. Seriously the album floats and it is easy to come and go. The songs themselves have many moments to stick to your brain and sing along and this is of course a great success in the riffing section. It is what separates this one from tons of other brutal death metal releases out there. It is not only their ability to be brutal. The combination of that and their skillful song writing is what makes the new Incinerate album so special to my ears. Of course in all that comes as a big aid and plus to the whole outcome, the awesome production. Loud but not itchy. Dirty and rough but on the same time clear enough to be able to listen to everything. A special position for each instrument is secured in this mix, and this way the whole outcome get’s even more heavy and dangerous. “Eradicating Terrestrial Species” is what Incinerate have to offer for 2015 and it definitely dragged me in it swirl. Brutal and technical death metal in its roughest form. Take it for a test drive ladies. It’ll blow your brains out for sure.

Reviewer: Andy Christos

Jun 1, 2015

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Incinerate – Eradicating Terrestrial Species

  1. The Prophecy
  2. Inhuman Inoculation
  3. The Arrival
  4. From Distant Worlds
  5. Eliminating The Indigenous (Travelers Of Space)
  6. Unable To Ascend (Loss Of Faith)
  7. Cultivation Of Human Offspring (Infinite Power)
  8. The Berserker (Rise Of The Humans)
  9. Fucking The Rotting Nun
  10. One by One (cover Severed Savior)

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