Incinerate - Sacrilegivm

Incinerate is one of those bands that has gradually mutated into a sickeningly grotesque force of wondrous splendor that we call brutal death metal. Am I overstating the obvious? Not at all. It can never be overstated that this is how it is done and how it should sound. Already shown on "Eradicating Terrestrial Species" (read the review here) and they back with the massiveness of their new release, “Sacrilegivm”, drives the message home in flawless fashion. Deeply rooted in the old school way, with a strong 90’s vibe and sound, Incinerate find a way to incorporate the mor modern ideals of brutal death metal while staying within the confines that define tradition and reverence for this particular genre. There is a nice technical edge to the riffs and solos which you would find in the works of labelmates Aborted Fetus and Depraved Murder. Combining such artistry with the mid to late 90’s sounds of bands like Malevolent Creation, Vital Remains, and older Hypocrisy; the end result is nothing less than a pleasant ride through absolute auditory hell of the most metallic proportions.

The drums really stick out on this release. Phil Cancilla’s work behind the kit is beyond reproach and flawless throughout the entire release. His cardio has to be pretty damn good to keep up the drumming skills that he has. Seriously, this guy is insane! While I’m at it, I want to mention Jared Deaver who does a phenomenal job on lead guitar. He creates such an invoking sound and is one of the best soloists I have heard recently. This man lays it all on the line and doesn’t disappoint. The skills are evident that he could play any form of metal and fit right in like he’s been doing it for decades! Also, Ted Isac who also plays guitar with amazing flawless riffage. These 2 guys compliment each other greatly and I certainly hope these 2 will be around for some time. This release is no joke. If you’re a fan of traditional death metal or brutal death metal, then you need to get this awesome slab of extreme sickness. These guys are definitely part of the future of death metal in each and every sense of the word. Just as Incinerate looked upon the bands of old when they came up, you can bet that future bands will look up to these guys. Get in touch with the band or Comatose Music for information on adding this release to your collection. You won’t be disappointed.

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Lux In Tenebris
2. Cast Out And Condemned
3. Trumpets Of War
4. Thrown To The Fire
5. Holy Irreverence
6. Fallen Is Your Kingdom
7. Fleeting Opulence
8. Inexorable
9. Absence Of Divine Power
10. Cenotaph Of Celestial Corpses
11. A Lamentation To The Fallen