Inert - Vermin

Inert was an unknown band to me before "Vermin". That made me rather anxious to listen to their music. I have always been fond of the unknown. A beautiful atmospheric intro opens the album and deep inside made me sure that it was actually prepaping me throughout for a death metal attack. And I was right!

The riffs of the same title opening track 'Vermin' bring forth the old school death metal feeling. The lead guitars have a nice tone and the mid tempo parts groove along well with Inert's music. Repeated guitar phrases take me to Chuck Schuldiner techniques just before the palm muting riffs open fire again.

Inert come from Spain and Sweden and "Vermin" is their debut album, successor to the "Obliteration Of The Self" EP that was released in 2016. They play death metal. Their songwriting is nice and they have a good sense of melody and harmony. Some songs in "Vermin" are written in Catalan ('Bassals De Sang' and 'La Malura'). I have always found the language diversity interesting and believe me it really adds something to the album.

The cover artwork reminded me of the Necromass "Abyss Calls Life" first cover (1996 edition-Dracma Records) showing piles of flesh of what should once be humans in a whirlwind leading them right to the center of non-existence (something like a black hole).

When it comes to riffs, Inert have a very good idea of how to compose a riff and they do it with an artistic sense. They are perfectly metronomed and with nice and emotional performance. They have a great sense of melody, but at the same time they can write rhythm parts powerful enough to create a mosh pit. I also really enjoyed the variations they use over musical themes. Xavier Aguilar is a nice guitar player with an old school death metal performance, nice sense of melody and the ability to shred, although he chooses not to be super fast.

Martin Karlsson on drums is an accurate rhythm machine, with clever ideas, excellent dynamics and pounding snare. He teams up well with Paolo Cito Caminha on bass and the result is thick. For example check out 'Rotten Corpse Feast' where they create an Immolation-like atmosphere.

Gustavo Garcia vocals are warm and at the same time brutal. They have something 'Spanish' in its way that we only meet in bands from the Iberian Peninsula like Unnatural, Scent of Death, Impure or Necrophiliac. The album has some nice ideas and is an honest work. It serves well to bring back good memories of a past not so long ago that yet seems very distant.

The album's final track is a cover of the gorgeously gloomy Spanish folk/rock band Animic 'Horse's Mane' from their 2013 album 'Hannibal' and I would like to congratulate Inert for their choice!

A nice album that fans of death metal will surely enjoy. The band is on the roster of Neckbreaker Records from Germany.


1. Vermin
2. Bassals De Sang
3. Murderer In Me
4. Kingdom Of Sulphur
5. Values' Decay
6. Rotten Corpse Feast
7. La Malura
8. Vermin (New Breed)
9. Horse's Mane (cover Animic)